5 Strongest Marijuana Strains of 2019

The abundance of different marijuana strains can be overwhelming.

With over 700 distinct marijuana flowers in the world, the opportunities for potency chasers are ripe, and everybody’s looking for a strain that will put their THC tolerance to question.

If you’re an experienced consumer, chances are that you need more weed to achieve the same effects as at the beginning of your adventure. If you want to save money on marijuana, high-THC strains will be your best bet.

What is a high-THC strain?

The understanding of THC’s potency has changed over the years, and so have its concentrations in marijuana plants. For example, in 2003, the average THC content in weed sat at around 6.4%. In 2018, these numbers were above 15%. Marijuana becomes more potent over years due to advancements in breeding technologies.

But what are the strongest marijuana strains on earth? Which flowers pack the greatest punch as of 2019?

If you want to get the most out of the resinous part of your herbs, consider choosing one of the following buds:

1. Godfather OG

This indica-dominant hybrid is chock full of THC, peaking at 34% at some phenotypes. Awarded the Most Potent Marijuana Strain in the World title by High Times, Godfather OG is a result of crossing OG Kush with Grand Daddy Purple and Cherry Pie.

When smoking the Godfather OG strain, you can expect exciting euphoria combined with utter physical relaxation that can get you both elevated and couch-locked in a tranquil mood. The euphoric buzz is able to stay with the user for a few hours, so make sure you smoke it when you don’t have anything serious planned ahead that day.

Less experienced users should approach Godfather OG with a certain dose of caution. This is a true hard-hitter and can backfire at those new to cannabis, leading to an overwhelming high.

Godfather OG

2. Chemdawg

Chemdawg scores second place on our list of the strongest marijuana strains of 2019. With a THC content around 32%, this indica-dominant hybrid is one of the most common varieties for making Nepalese hash. Chemdawg was bred by Next Harvest in Denver CO, so it’s no wonder why it sports such high levels of THC along with amazing genetic.

Chemdawg also comes with a rich terpene profile dominated by pungent notes and distinct hints of diesel upon breaking the buds. As with any high-THC strain, you can expect a generous resin production on the surface of its flowers and sugar leaves.

Despite its indica leaning, Chemdawg starts with a strong cerebral high that brings down an invigorating, euphoric mood while easing stress, anxiety, and physical tension. This strain is often picked by patients suffering from anxiety disorders, depression, attention deficits, and chronic pain.

3. Irish Cream

Recognized for its abundant yields and remarkably powerful high, the Irish Cream marijuana strain is a 100% indica created by Mighty Irish Seeds. The guys at MIS combined the genetics of Cookies and Cream with Real McCoy, introducing a flower that sports 28% of THC on average.

Irish Cream is an incredibly tasty bud, reminiscent of fresh herbs and pine, blended into the typical dank aroma of marijuana. It’s a true gem for all flavor chasers out there.

The above-average potency of Irish Cream makes it a common choice among medical consumers struggling with depression, muscle cramps, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and eating disorders. It brings swift symptom relief but also has serious sedative properties. Given this, Irish Cream works best for evening or nighttime sessions.

Irish Cream

4. White Tahoe Cookies

It looks like you can’t have a ranking of the strongest marijuana strains without mentioning White Tahoe Cookies. Bred by crossing Tahoe OG, Girl Scout Cookies, and The White, this bud can reach up to 27% of THC per volume.

This indica-dominant hybrid yields plenty of weed tat smells like a typical OG strain — full of sweet and floral notes. The effects of this strain are very fast, leaving the user clear-headed and completely relaxed.

White Tahoe Cookies is a very sleepy strain, even if you initially feel pumped with vigor. You can use it as your herbal nightcap or as a companion for your next Netflix & Chill.

5. Strawberry Banana

Another indica-dominant hybrid on our list, Strawberry Banana is a cross between Crocket’s Banana Kush and the Bubblegum strain. The High Times magazine has awarded this bud “the Strongest Strain on Earth” during the Cannabis Cup three times in a row. This shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise, as Strawberry Banana can reach up to 32% of THC.

The name of this strain sounds deliciously sweet and you may be fooled to think that Strawberry Banana also produces lightweight effects. Well, we’re sorry to prove you wrong, but this flower is a true THC powerhouse, and as such, it can even take weed veterans by surprise. 

The effects of Strawberry Banana are mostly brain-focused. This hybrid improves focus and promotes relaxation, transforming into sedation and couch-lock during the later phase. On the medical note, this strain is a good option for people who suffer from depression, trauma, chronic pain, and insomnia.

It’s worth to note that Strawberry Banana is not only one of the strongest marijuana strains as of this writing, but it also has a knee-bending palette of aromas and flavors. When you take a waft, you’ll be immediately hit by fruity scents redolent of banana, strawberries, and exotic fruits.

Strawberry Banana

Summarizing the Strongest Marijuana Strains of 2019

If you’re a seasoned consumer with above-average tolerance to THC, then high-THC strains will allow you to experience the desired effects without using too much of the flower. Plus, cannabis patients develop tolerance over time as well, so potent marijuana helps them achieve faster relief from their symptoms without having to switch to concentrates.

For less experienced users, we recommend trying several less potent varieties before approaching any of the 5 buds we’ve listed in this article. Consuming marijuana responsibly is the key to drawing the benefits without experiencing uncomfortable side effects.

Have you ever tried any of the above strains? What’s the strongest strain you’ve smoked so far? 

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