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Herbosi – Cannabis Honey Oil Vape Cartridge (Grapefruit-Sativa)

3 customer reviews

325 in stock

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Each cartridge contains 1.2ML of cannabis honey oil for vaping. There is exactly 1 gram of Delta 9 THC in each cartridge with outstanding flavour, taste, and a pristine terpene profile. This honey oil is unmatched in purity and versatility and provides a clean and potent product with the perfect heating coil technology. Great for non-smokers, plus very discreet, portable, and convenient. We use the highest quality cannabis w/ organic extraction. This product contains NO Butane, NO Vegetable Glycerin, and NO Propylene Glycol. Over 175 doses and 89% pure Delta 9 THC. Routinely tested for herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, mold, and fungicides.

To be used with Herbosi – Rechargeable Vape Battery Pen

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Herbosi – Cannabis Honey Oil Vape Cartridge (Grapefruit-Sativa)

  1. Jennifer

    Is super good, smooth and I very much liked the taste.

  2. Morgan Beare (verified owner)

    Excellent quality Sativa. Smooth, potent & delivers a delightful head-centred buzz that enables focus & enthusiasm for hours at a stretch. I particularly enjoy a few hits before the commencement of an intense, heavy & drawn-out weightlifting & cardio session.

  3. Robyn Gold (verified owner)

    This is my go-to product when I want immediate results for a calm, relaxing buzz or to nip a headache before it gets out of control. Smooth, discrete and potent so start with small roles if you’ve never tried it before. Also don’t forget to clear the chamber or it can get gummy after using for awhile.

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