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Purple Kush

2 customer reviews

Earn up to 121 Buddy Bucks.


Emerging from the Oakland area of California as the result of a Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani cross, Purple Kush is a potent pure indica strain.

It’s aroma is filled with earthly and sweet overtones of typical Kush varieties.  

Will definitely help with physical relaxation, aids with physical pain, sleeplessness and stress while leaving you in a  happy, blissful, long-lasting euphoria state of mind.

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Purple Kush

  1. Ovi Rahim (verified owner)

    “perfect” for Indica lovers, the price is a Huge win for me, I can confirm with my 1ounce order the product is As it shows in above pictures. Dense, not dry at all, AA quality but seems to me personally it is AAAA kind, i love it. Cant still imagine once i paid someone almost $70/ extra for such crappy AA and they should learn from Budbuddies what is call AA quality. One of the best priced indica in any site I purchased from.

  2. Kpage (verified owner)

    I just purchased an ounce and have to say it is great either vaping or rolling one up!! Great value for the price!! Hope it is in stock when I order again!!

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