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Tom Ford Pink (AAAA)

2 customer reviews

Earn up to 203 Buddy Bucks.


A quad rated (AAAA) very indica dominant hybrid (80% indica /  20% sativa), Tom Ford will please users looking for a true indica high.  With THC levels as high as 23-25% it is a very potent strain.

With a sweet, candy like smell and flavor and it’s buds bursting with multi color strands of pink, purple, orange and green layered with a thick coating of frosty crystal, it will delight any serious indica enthusiasts.

Upon smoking, users experience a euphoric cerebral high then slowly melt into a full body couch-lock you won’t be able to escape form.  A mad severe case of munchies will come so have snacks on hand.. but only if you are able to keep your eyes open long enough.

Tom Ford Pink is a great for patients for any chronic or acute pain, insomnia, stress, PTSD, depression and anxiety.


Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Tom Ford Pink (AAAA)

  1. Corey Conroy (verified owner)

    I just love Pink Kush, and this is one of thee best variants I have had the pleasure of trying so far. Will be coming back everytime this is in stock, the smell is intoxicating!

  2. Sheldon Hoffman (verified owner)

    Tom Ford Pink this heavy hitting delicious tasting strain reminds me of the old school indica from the 80’s. Tom Ford Pink puts the enjoyment back into smoking a J, smooth with a delicious Kush taste and a knockout punch it is just what us old school connoisseurs want in a smoke.

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