Terms & Conditions

  1. We only deliver to Canadian addresses. No exceptions.
  2. We only accept EMT Interac payments at this time.  No exceptions.
  3. Only those who are legally 19 or older can buy marijuana products from BudBuddies.ca
  4. You are not allowed to purchase our products on behalf of anyone else and are not allowed to resell our products
  5. You are not a resident of the United States of America
  6. You are not affiliated in any way with any law enforcement or government agency
  7. You are to communicate with us only with the email you set in your customer account
  8. You are not to have more than one account with us at a time
  9. The ID used to verify you are of age must be an official Canadian government issued ID such as a drivers license, Indian Affairs Card or Provincial ID, etc. and must have your photo on it clearly showing your birth date.
  10. BudBuddies.ca assumes no responsibility for lost orders due to:
    • mistakes made by the postal offices
    • wrong address given by the customer
    • damage to order by postal service
    • expired PO BOX numbers
  11. Shipping is free of charge for all orders totaling $200 after all deductions or savings. For orders under $200 we charge $18 for express shipping anywhere in Canada
  12. Total time from payment to delivery may vary between 2-5 business days. Holidays may slow these times and very rural areas may take a bit longer
  13. You are advised to use your real name for the shipping details in case you have to go pick up your package at your local post office. (They will want to see ID)
  14. Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday 11:00am to 7:00pm ESTCut-off times for same day shipping is 11AM EST.
  15. Before you order, we strongly suggest that you inform yourself about marijuana laws in Canada
  16. Individuals using marijuana to treat medical issues should consult a health care provider before use. You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.
  17. Prices and availability of products are subject to change without notice
  18. Refunds after payment and canceling of orders after order has shipped is not available.
  19. BudBuddies.ca reserves the right to refuse service to any customer.
  20. If a referral of yours turns out to become a problem customer both your accounts will be canceled and you will both be banned from using our services in the future
  21. Postal confiscations are one in every thousand orders. You will receive a letter stating that they have held your package due to questionable contents and if you wish to pick it up with appropriate documentation they will hold on to it for several days. That is all that happens.  If you receive such a letter then Bud Buddies will replace your order free of charge but only once per customer and the replacement order needs a different send-to address.
  22. We are not responsible for delays in packages due to service disruptions at Canada Post, extreme weather, labour strikes, acts of God, etc…
  23. We are not responsible or cannot be held liable for any injuries, deaths caused by using our products while operating heavy machinery or operating a motor vehicle.
  24. By purchasing products from Bud Buddies you agree to all the Terms and Conditions above.