What’s the Difference Between Hashish And Marijuana?

It’s time to clear up the fog around these two terms once and for good.

We bet you’ve heard people using the terms “hashish” and “marijuana” interchangeably, and if you’ve been around the cannabis culture for a while, you know this is completely wrong.

Others, however, may not know the difference between hash and marijuana.

While both weed and hash come from the cannabis plant, it’s important to note these are two immensely different products.

The most striking difference between hashish and marijuana is how they are obtained. Marijuana refers to dried cannabis flowers that are then cured in jars and sold in dispensaries. Hashish, on the other hand, is made with pure cannabis resin from trichomes that are collected from marijuana flowers.

Keep reading this article to discover all the differences between hash and marijuana — and get your weed vocabulary straight.

How Are Marijuana And Hashish Produced?

The production of marijuana flowers is relatively simple and effortless process, which essentially means growing female cannabis plants, harvesting the buds once they’ve finished flowering, hanging or setting them out to dry, curing the buds — and then trimming and sealing the flowers.

Hash is processed in a more complicated way and requires taking additional steps. The most important (and difficult) part of this process is separating the resin (known as trichomes) from the surface of the buds. This step allows for extracting the highest concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids along with the plant’s aromatic terpenes. You can separate trichomes from the rest of the flowers by filtering the plant material through a sieve — there are many tutorials online for how to do it.

How Are Marijuana And Hashish Produced

The filtered resin must be then pressed with either a machine press or by hand, which helps to release the oils and provide the hash with sticky texture. The final step isn’t obligatory, but it calls for molding the squeezed and filtered resin into a block or another form that you deem convenient.

That’s how you make traditional hash, but there are also other forms of this concentrate that you can commonly find in a dispensary or online — including Bubble Hash, Lebanese Hash, Royal Afghani Hash, and India Charas Hash. Each of these products has a slightly different production process and can take some time to learn.

THC Levels in Hash vs. Marijuana

Hash is made from pure resin, meaning it’s much more potent than classic weed. Marijuana flowers usually contain 5–35% THC content, although they typically don’t go higher than 30%

Some strains that are high in CBD may have a lower THC content, around 2%.

The potency of hash, in turn, can range from 20–80% THC. Properly cured hash is considered at least 3 times as potent as a classic marijuana bud. For this reason, just a little bit of hash can pack a strong punch of THC.

This also means that hash is more expensive than marijuana flowers due to higher production costs and more effort involved in the process.

Different Uses of Hash And Marijuana

Hash and marijuana have different potencies, so they’re consumed for various purposes, but there are still many similarities between these two forms of cannabis.

The way in which people consume them is a one big crossover. Both marijuana and hash can be inhaled through a joint, bong, or pipe, as well as ingested in the form of edibles or other consumable goods.

Marijuana is arguably more versatile than hashish. For example, you can steep it into hot water and make a weed tea. Also, marijuana flowers have another advantage over hash — they’re way easier to light up and are smoother on both the throat and lungs.

Hash is often used as a topping on the bowl or joint/blunt to provide a little more THC and increase the duration of the high. If you have a high tolerance to THC, you may also try hashish on its own.

Legal Status of Both Hash and Marijuana

The vast majority of hash is made from marijuana resin these days. In North America, hash isn’t as popular as traditional marijuana flower. In fact, hash is native to Asian countries like India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Turkestan, and Pakistan. Hash is also one of Morocco’s staple’s product, although cannabis is illegal there.

In Canada, marijuana products became legal in 2018 with the passage of “Cannabis Act” that legalized cannabis for recreational use. 

Both marijuana and hash are widely available in the country — both locally and online. 

Legal Status of Both Hash and Marijuana

If you want to buy premium-quality hash at reasonable prices, we recommend ordering your hash and marijuana online. Not only do online dispensaries carry a broader selection of different strains, but they also offer better deals for their customers, helping them to save money on their stash.

Canada has, without a doubt, created a rising trend that’s a blessing for the entire legalization movement across the world. Currently, cannabis has been legalized in 11 US states, and more European countries are loosening their cannabis policies because they have finally noticed that the war on marijuana actually brought more harm than good on the society.

A few days ago, The House Judiciary Committee approved a bill that legalizes marijuana on the federal level, removing it from Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act. The bill must pass through the US senate in order to go into effect.

Which One Is Better: Hashish or Marijuana?

The answer actually boils down to personal preferences. You can ask plenty of people about what they like to smoke, and you’ll see the raised hands of both marijuana and hashish aficionados.

If you want a less expensive means of getting high — and one that doesn’t get you high as an airplane — opt for marijuana flowers. The abundance of different strains will serve you for a long time of sampling and tasting  their aromas, flavors, and effects.

If, on the other hand, you don’t mind spending a few more dollars on a brick of sticky-icky hash to get even more from the medical benefits of cannabis, hash is the way to go.

Or, you can have both — because “why not?”

Which one do you prefer? Hashish or Marijuana?


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